Discover the Passion, Power, and Grace of Equestrian Excellence

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Discover the Passion, Power, and Grace of Equestrian Excellence

Located in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium, Equestrian Center Hendrikx is a prestigious dressage stable renowned for its exceptional facilities and talented team. Our state-of-the-art facility boasts an outdoor arena, indoor arena, lunging area, walker, and expansive fields, providing an ideal environment for the training and development of our horses.

Led by two accomplished international Grand Prix riders, Suraya Hendrikx and Lore Vandenborne, our team is dedicated to the training, education, and sale of talented dressage horses and ponies. With years of experience and expertise, Suraya and Lore excel not only in their coaching and teaching roles but also in their own competitive endeavors at national and international competitions.

Currently, we have 20 dressage horses stabled at Equestrian Center Hendrikx. Additionally, we have a group of promising young horses residing in the surrounding fields, known as our “upcoming talents,” who will be nurtured and trained for future success.

With a total of 36 horses under our care, our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our operations. Whether you are seeking top-tier training, the sale of a talented equine partner, or professional coaching in the world of dressage, Equestrian Center Hendrikx is your ultimate destination.

We invite you to explore our website and get to know more about our world-class facility, our esteemed team, and the exceptional services we offer. Contact us today to embark on a journey of dressage excellence with Equestrian Center Hendrikx

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        Suraya Hendrikx

        "In dressage, we find strength in our horse's power, grace in our movements, and joy in the journey."

        Nathalie Van de Meerakker

        "Dressage: Where horse and rider become one, moving in perfect sync to create a masterpiece."

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        Suraya Hendrikx Excels at Axor Cup Winter Competition

        Suraya Hendrikx emerged victorious at the Axor Cup, showcasing her skills with not just one but two remarkable horses. With her beloved companion, Dear Friend 2, Hendrikx achieved an impressive...

        CDI Peelbergen: Suraya Hendrikx Secures 5th Place in Final Freestyle U25

        Amidst the grandeur of CDI Peelbergen, Suraya Hendrikx and her exceptional horse, Dear Friend 2, soared to an impressive score of 71.5% clinching a commendable 5th position in the final...

        I love Dressage Night Shines with Wonder Woman Du Jade!

        The electrifying atmosphere of the 8
        I love Dressage Night saw Wonder Woman Du Jade dazzle the arena with an impressive performance. Scoring an impressive 8 and 8.5 across all gaits, this promising partnership showcased their finesse and skill.

        However, amidst the elegance, a touch of tension in the exquisitely dressed arena affected the score slightly. Despite this, the competition provided an ideal platform for young horses to thrive and gain valuable experience, even in the face of the arena’s spooky aura. It was a night filled with grace and potential, setting the stage for thrilling equestrian pursuits ahead.