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I love Dressage Night Shines with Wonder Woman Du Jade!

The electrifying atmosphere of the 8 I love Dressage Night saw Wonder Woman Du Jade dazzle the arena with an impressive performance. Scoring an impressive 8 and 8.5 across all gaits, this promising partnership showcased their finesse and skill. However, amidst the elegance, a touch of tension in the exquisitely dressed arena affected the score slightly. Despite this, the competition provided an ideal platform for young horses to thrive and gain valuable experience, even in the face of the arena's spooky aura. It was a night filled with grace and potential, setting the stage for thrilling equestrian pursuits ahead.

december 27, 2023

Suraya Hendrikx wins Nationally in Grand Prix U25 at CDN Turnhout!

In a stunning display of equestrian excellence, Suraya Hendrikx and her esteemed mount, Dear Friend, secured a resounding victory at the Grand Prix U25 held at CDN Turnhout. With a remarkable score of 68.5%, they clinched the top spot nationally, showcasing unparalleled skill and dedication in the arena. Stay tuned for more updates on this remarkable achievement!

december 27, 2023

Corsendonck Dressage Cup

Witnessed outstanding equestrian talent, with notable performances by four remarkable horses. Sunique, Batshuayi, Rodriguez, and Escamilla showcased their grace and potential in dressage, setting the bar high for future competitions. A promising future in the world of dressage under skilled riders' guidance.

november 4, 2023

Exciting Young Horse Competition at the ‘Emmerscup,’ Hosted by BWP

Showcased exceptional emerging equestrian talent with five magnificent horses. Batshuayi, Sunique, Rodriguez, Escamilla, and Le Coeur Royal demonstrated their potential, securing impressive scores in a fiercely contested competition, promising a bright future in the world of equestrian sports.

oktober 15, 2023

Impressive Performances at the Belgian Championships: ECH Horses Shine Bright

Four exceptional ECH horses, including Sacramento, Nadal, Wonder Woman, and Le Coeur, displayed their talent and dedication at the Belgian Championships. Their remarkable performances highlighted their potential, with Sacramento and Nadal earning their spots in the finals, setting the stage for a promising future in equestrian competition.

augustus 10, 2023

Liezel Everars and FS Capelli De Niro’s Triumph at the European Pony Championships

Under Suraya's guidance, Liezel and her pony secured remarkable individual (silver and bronze) medals and contributed to a bronze team medal. Their dazzling performance in the freestyle event earned them a coveted silver medal, showcasing their exceptional partnership, dedication, and potential in the world of pony championships.

juli 30, 2023

Sacramento vh Bloemenhof Selected for World Championships in Ermelo

Sacramento vh Bloemenhof, has earned a spot at the World Championships for Young Horses in Ermelo, reflecting his exceptional performance during the selection trials and our team's dedication. We are immensely proud of this well-deserved recognition.

juli 5, 2023