Rider , Manager

Nathalie van de meerakker

Nathalie is the loving mother of Suraya and co-owner of the ECH. She is a rider herself but she just enjoys riding as a hobby at the regional level. Already at young age she was passionate about horses and riding. Her equestrian journey began in her youth, inspired by her aunt, Jeannette Haazen, who introduced her to the world of riding at Jeannette’s own riding school back then. Now she is riding at (regional) level 4 with her horse Lord Belstaff Sun, a 12 year old gelding out of Lord Sinclair. 

Besides the horses she is a veterinary assistant at the veterinary clinic. 

Nathalie’s life beautifully exemplifies the lasting impact of horses and the significance of family bonds. Her passion enriches her life, influences her professional work, and maintains her connection to the equestrian world.