Equestrian center Hendrikx

Our Expertise: Elevating Dressage Performance at Equestrian Center Hendrikx

Welcome to Equestrian Center Hendrikx, where we provide specialized services to elevate your equestrian experience. Discover our exceptional sales offerings, showcasing talented, meticulously trained dressage horses. Under Suraya Hendrikx’s expert guidance, riders receive personalized coaching to enhance skills, boost confidence, and deepen their understanding of dressage. Our skilled trainers develop each horse’s abilities, fostering a harmonious partnership with their rider. Experience the difference at Equestrian Center Hendrikx, guided by Suraya Hendrikx, and achieve your dressage dreams.



Welcome to Equestrian Center Hendrikx, where Suraya Hendrikx, our dedicated instructor, is your guide to dressage excellence. Whether you're a novice or seasoned equestrian, our program is designed to elevate your equine journey. With a wealth of knowledge and a deep love for horses, Suraya's patient and compassionate teaching style sets the standard for horsemanship. We believe in fostering a unique partnership between horse and rider, where subtlety, grace, and harmony are paramount. Join us on this path of precision and connection, and experience the joy of true equestrian artistry.

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    Find your perfect equine partner with our exceptional sales services. We specialize in matching riders with high-quality horses across various disciplines. Our transparent and supportive approach ensures a smooth and successful sales experience. Contact us today to discover your ideal equine companion.

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      Equestrian center Henrikx is a premier facility for dressage horse training. Our skilled team develops horses' physical abilities, suppleness, and mental engagement. From foundational to advanced movements, our trainers unlock each horse's potential. We prioritize relaxation, rhythm, and connection while upholding classical dressage principles. Whether you're a competitive rider or want to strengthen your bond with your horse, our training services provide expertise and support for dressage success.

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