Exciting Young Horse Competition at the ‘Emmerscup,’ Hosted by BWP

oktober 15, 2023
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In a thrilling showcase of emerging equestrian talent, the ‘Emmerscup,’ hosted by the Belgian Warmblood Studbook (BWP), played host to a sensational competition for 3 and 4-year-old horses. Team ECH took the stage with five magnificent equine athletes, each showcasing their potential in a fiercely contested event.

For the three-year-old horses, it was a baptism of fire as they ventured out for the very first time. Meanwhile, the seasoned 4-year-old competitors had already tackled two previous competitions, adding an extra layer of experience to their performance.

Here are the remarkable scores achieved by Team ECH’s horses:

1.Batshuayi – A standout performer, Batshuayi secured an impressive score of 77.5%, demonstrating remarkable potential and poise for a three-year-old.

2.Sunique – Another exceptional talent, Sunique showcased great promise and received a commendable score of 75.5%.

3.Rodriguez – With a score of 76%, Rodriguez exhibited superb skill and potential, making a name for himself among the 3 year-old contenders.

4.Escamilla – Escamilla also shone brightly, achieving a score of 76.5% and establishing herself as a formidable competitor.

5.Le Coeur Royal – Though Le Coeur Royal secured a score of 72.5%, the young horse demonstrated potential and room for growth in future competitions.

The ‘Emmerscup’ proved to be an excellent platform for these young horses to display their burgeoning talents, setting the stage for a promising future in the world of equestrian sports. As these equine athletes continue to develop and refine their skills, we can expect to see more exceptional performances in upcoming events.


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