Equestrian center Hendrikx

Horse Training at Equestrian Center Hendrikx

At Equestrian Center Hendrikx, our training approach is carefully tailored to the unique needs of each horse. We train horses at all levels from saddle broken to Grand Prix.
We usually buy and select young horses as foals or 2.5 year olds. We are well aware that all horses have their individual characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses so we place a strong emphasis on gradual and patient progression.
Understanding the horse’s personality and disposition is important for us. As all of us know, some horses may be naturally bold and confident, while others are more reserved, requiring a gentler and patient touch.
Building a strong foundation of trust and understanding between horse and rider is paramount in our method.

While we train we always take their physical and mental development into account. The training process is akin to a dialogue between horse and rider, where the horse’s feedback, both verbal and non-verbal, is highly valued.
So in our stable, training is an art and science combined, driven by a deep appreciation for the individuality of each horse. It’s about nurturing their abilities, fostering trust, and working in harmony to guide them toward a successful equestrian future.
Training of the horses at Equestrian Center Hendrikx is a balance of understanding and partnership, where horses, riders and trainers work together for success.

Equine Health: In our stable, we prioritize the well-being of our horses. We focus on the importance of equine physiotherapy and anatomical understanding in training. Riders are educated to be their horse’s best therapist.
When needed, we utilize on-site laser therapy for precise and effective treatments.